Time Machines in addition to Central Air Conditioners

If I had a time equipment what would I use it for? Imagine if you could go back in addition to change all of the things you regretted doing, do you know you would be able to undo them or would you make the same mistake again? I’ve made some giant mistakes in life but I know they taught me a pricey lesson so I am not sure I would want to erase them.

I know I would rather focus on things I didn’t do in addition to go back so that I could do them if fear didn’t stop me again. Heating in addition to Air Conditioning equipment cleaning in addition to maintenance is a single thing I assume about but I wish that I had picked up a guitar or drum when I was younger in addition to started singing. I see so much passion in musicians in addition to it makes me jealous that I am not residing that kind of life. I still have to work in the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning industry but I could pursue that musical career now as it isn’t too late. I play drums in a band in addition to need to seize this chance in addition to realize how special it is that I have the chance to pursue it once more. I savor to work on heating in addition to A/Cs while in the day because there is not much going on in town, however when the night comes I love playing drums in addition to singing with my buddy Danny. We make some pretty cool music out there near the beach in addition to can do some amazing things if the people I was with and I keep practicing. I’m grateful for both Heating in addition to Air Conditioning equipment repairs in addition to music.

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