The perks of having a cooling specialist for a friend

My friend Steven bought a multiple-acre piece of land with a creek running through it.

It was also beside a forest.

The only disadvantage to this piece of land is that it is far from civilization. The closest hospital was miles away, and so was HVAC repair businesses. The few residents in the area get their HVAC service and products from HVAC dealers from the nearby town. It is usually a long process, as the purchasers have to wait for up to a week to receive their HVAC device or get an appointment with a technician! Steven called me the other month complaining that he was not enjoying summer because his heat pump wasn’t working as efficiently. I happen to be an HVAC expert. Steven consults me when it comes to matters of heating and cooling technology. He explained the few issues he noticed about the unit. Steven hadn’t yet called in for a heat pump tune-up, since he moved into the house, and it had been well over a year. The only thing he had done in terms of climate control system care was replace the filters. Steven had yet to call an HVAC rep to take care of the rest. Since my family and I were planning to visit him that weekend, he told me to bring along my toolset so that I could help him repair it. He could afford to wait for my visit. When I eventually got there, I got to work right after brunch. I was relieved that the system required minor repairs, and then it was working like new. I took it upon myself to teach Steven and his family more about heating and air conditioning so that they could take better care of the system.


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