No hope for the old heat pump

My daughter has been suffering from flared up allergy symptoms for the past few weeks.

  • We recently moved into an old, colonial style house.

Because of this and a few other reasons, I knew I needed to start with a few renovations. The air conditioner, for one, just simply did not work. I decided to contact an a/c rep to check if there was any hope of restoring the unit. I contacted the HVAC business to schedule a much-needed air conditioning tune-up. I was really hoping this old system would work, because the house needed a lot of other projects, and purchasing another heating and cooling device would slow down the process in terms of finances. The news from the technician that the HVAC system was nowhere near salvageable left me brokenhearted. The tech concluded that no amount of maintenance work would revive the unit. The specialist provided me with a list of potential replacements to choose from that use the latest heating and cooling technology. I was not looking forward to buying a brand new HVAC system, however, I had no choice. After a series of questions, I decided on the unit I wanted. The tech was quite kind and helpful, and showed me the best air filter for our system. I really needed to have that conversation with the HVAC specialist. Besides learning more about heating and air, I also realized that trying to complete all the necessary renovations on the house at one time would not be possible. I had to tackle a single project at a time. Some of these projects I could do on my own; others would require professional assistance. In the end, though it would be complicated, it was worth it to me for the orchard that came with the house along with all the land our children could play on


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