My Male Kitten was Going Bonkers last Night

I’m not sure what happened with my boy kitten of two months last night but he was stalking me like I was prey.

He has a scary energy about him that can be imposing, especially for a kitten of just over two months.

I am going to have to get him fixed or he will probably go crazy with hormones as he seems to be a very alpha kind of cat. He likes to play with the remote control for my thermostat so now I’ve put it away in the drawer. I have an old school thermostat that came with a remote so you could turn on the air from your sofa but the cat ends up chewing on the rubber buttons and rendering it useless. He is now calmer as it is early afternoon and he is in sleep mode, but come tonight I am wondering if the scary cat will surface again. Maybe when my HVAC system turns on and runs it scares him and makes him act that way, but I have to live in comfort here so he is going to have to learn to live with the sounds. I try to play calming music at night when I am sleeping so the kittens don’t go crazy and it seems to be working. I just need to see if my climate control system is making the boy cat crazy at night when it is running. Maybe I’ll just get him some cat earplugs so he doesn’t hear it anymore, haha. They probably do make them for some reason.


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