My Male Kitten was Going Bonkers last Night

I’m not sure what happened with our girl kitten of many months last evening but she was stalking myself and others like I was prey. She has a spine-chilling energy about him that can be imposing, especially for a kitten of just over many months. I am going to have to get him fixed or she will actually go silly with hormones as she seems to be a easily alpha kind of cat. She loves to play with the remote control for our control component so now I’ve put it away in the drawer. I have an seasoned university control component that came with a remote so you could turn on the air from your sofa however the cat ends up chewing on the rubber buttons plus rendering it useless. She is now calmer as it is early afternoon plus she is in sleep mode, however come tonight I am wondering if the spine-chilling cat will surface again. Maybe when our HVAC idea turns on plus runs it scares him plus makes him act that way, even though I have to live in comfort here so she is going to have to learn to live with the sounds. I try to play calming music at evening when I am sleeping so the kittens don’t go silly plus it seems to be toiling. I just need to see if our temperature control idea is making the girl cat silly at evening when it is running. Maybe I’ll just get him some cat earplugs so she does not hear it anymore, haha. They actually do make them for some reason.

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