I Wish I Could Give People Time Back to Live Again

My stepdad and my uncle both regret the paths they took in their professional lives and it is sad to hear.

I wish I could give them the gift of living their lives over again so they could go in the direction their hearts were telling them.

I chose to do this when I was still semi young, in my mid 30’s, and it ruffled some of my relatives feathers. I was running my own HVAC business when I decided to shut it down and move to the Big Apple to chase my comedic dreams. I had some relatives very happy for me, like my grandmother, and some that were downright angry at me like my uncles and stepfather. It wasn’t until later on that I discovered that my stepfather, who was a heating and cooling contractor, told me that he wished he did the same as I did when he was younger. I guess it was jealousy and regret that caused my relatives to be upset with me and I simply wish I could give them the chance again like I was taking. Working in the HVAC industry made my stepdad a lot of money but he said it did nothing to make him a happier person and he would give it all back to be able to play the guitar and sing. I will use this to fuel me to take even more risks with music and push myself in directions that will make me a better artist. I still work in the HVAC field myself, writing about hot water heaters and ductwork cleaning, but it is music that soothes my soul and gives me hope.
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