I Feel Ashamed for Losing Almost All of my Dad’s Gift to Me

I was given $100K five month ago and now it is down to a whopping $12K from bad choices with trading stocks and just a big downturn in the market.

Most of it was not my fault as the whole world is seeing the pain of inflation and whatnot so I can’t totally blame myself.

But I should have listened to my mom when she said to just drop it in the bank where it will be safe. I didn’t tell anyone about losing so much money because they would probably just scorn me or feel sorry for me. My air conditioning and heating company I work for luckily keeps me afloat each month with a good weekly workload. Hopefully my $12K will turn around one day and become the $100K it once was, but I know it is going to take some time to get there. But then again, all I got is time. I’ll keep working at the local business and hopefully save a little buffer in the bank so I don’t have to touch what’s left of my inheritance. I’ve made some mistakes in life and have to forgive myself for them or I will end up a bitter and regretful person, which I promised myself I would not become. I can also do some service calls for our HVAC customers in their homes and make some extra money if I want to. I really don’t mind working as it gives me a sense of purpose and keeps my mind sharp. I have the HVAC industry to thank for that.

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