Decluttering for a modern a/c

I am like a ferret when it comes to hoarding things, and every year or two, I have to reorganize my condo to get rid of things I rarely or never use! Last year, the purpose of me cleaning up and throwing certain things away was not just creating more space and having a more organized house.

I also decided to sell as much of that clutter as I could in a garage sale in order to save up some money for a new HVAC system. According to the cooling specialist I talked to at the air conditioning business, the modern cooling products would help with indoor comfort and help me to be more comfortable than ever! When I decided I wanted to upgrade to modern heating and cooling technology, There were two kinds of HVAC systems that I could choose from, but the HVAC expert helped me to decide between these two. The HVAC upgrade process was a day’s work, and I had three different HVAC technicians working inside and outside the house. I was very glad that I would no longer have to deal with a faulty HVAC system. The techs calculated the heating and cooling loads which considered our home’s location, age, size, and building materials. They also checked the HVAC ductwork and determined if we would need to update the existing duct plan or replace it with a new one. Lucky for us, replacing the ductwork wasn’t necessary because the ducts were in wonderful condition. I eventually decided on a heat pump because it would both heat and cool our home. It was a learning experience for me, and the more about HVAC I heard, the better I understood the system.


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