An air conditioning malfunction at the school gym

Being a teacher is not what I would call a lifelong dream, but you get what you get, and you don’t complain.

I ended up loving and enjoying my work. Being a physical education teacher means that most of my classes are outside or in the gymnasium, which has a lot of advantages since I get to keep fit simultaneously. As I was preparing for my next class, I noticed that the school gym was too hot, which did not bother me as much since the children would engage in physical activities and sweat anyway. After the class, however, I checked the thermostat, and the reading was too high for comfort. Every time I reset the settings of the air conditioning unit, it would lapse, and the temperatures would start rising again. It was just the previous year when we had an a/c rep come to the school and make all the necessary calculations for the new cooling equipment. The air conditioning expert had recommended cooling products that use the best cooling technology that was more energy efficient. I was the one to oversee and inspect the air conditioning installation. When I noticed the apparent malfunction, I called the air conditioning business to send a tech for air conditioning repair. The dealer responded promptly, the cooling specialist conducted an air conditioning tune-up, and the system ran efficiently again. He advised us to schedule servicing twice a year to avoid such occurrences in the future. He also replaced the heat pump’s air conditioning filter, which was something that we should have done close to a month ago. Since I oversaw both activities, I learned more about air conditioning each time.


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