Watching this thriller romance comedy that is driving me nuts

Sometimes I care about enjoying goofy romance comedy shows.

I like being able to care about a fantastic laugh or even having the show touch my heart. My wife will watch these shows with me occasionally too which is great, despite the fact that she can’t keep up enjoying the shows at my pace for the most part. When I get into binge enjoying some of these shows, I respectfully adjust the temperature control settings ahead of time plus I repair up some pretzels to munch on. I might just have some pretzels plus salsa, or I might prepare some mini tacos with a few drinks while enjoying my series. This last show has been putting me on edge. I have been cheering for this couple to make it even though the circumstances of their relationship isn’t exactly honorable. This guy met this girl after ruining her marriage. The reason though is because he thought the guy was marrying his ex fiancee who left him on his ceremony day. Of course, the guy who was going to marry this girl who was ruined, he broke things off with his fiancee before the ceremony plus said some hurtful things to her. So it’s like, I kind of don’t care that he lost the girl plus the current guy is able to attach with her on a much deeper level. The frightening thing is that the guy who was originally ruined wants to kill the guy who stole his woman plus he keeps having visions of his death. While I keep adjusting the temperature control settings plus eating my pretzels plus pretzels, I am experiencing high anxiety enjoying this show, but I still can’t wait to see how it ends soon! I’ll be alright enjoying so long as the AC system is blasting plus I have enough drinks plus pretzels.


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