The repairman sure knew his stuff

It is always such a immense relief for me when I find a heating and AC contractor that knows her stuff.

You would be surprised how many heating and cooling people don’t think the first thing about actual heating and cooling systems, then maybe I am just unlucky, however I have had many heating and AC contractors come out to our apartment and none of them knew how to properly repair our heating and cooling method and I had to really help show them what to do.

And the only reason that I was able to show them what to do was because I had some experience working in the Heating and A/C industry myself and if it wasn’t for that I would have no clue how to help them so imagine if I was somebody who didn’t think anything about you and I was relying on them to repair it, they entirely would have done it wrong and I would be stuck with a incorrectly ran tests on Heating and A/C unit. This is why it was such a sizable relief for me when the heating and cooling system guy came out to our apartment and he really knew his stuff. He went straight to work without wondering about anything and was able to repair our Heating and A/C unit as I would expect. He got everything done with the heating and cooling method and I was thinking about what he did to get it done so rapidly. I was impressed with the heating and cooling contractors’ work and what a great task he did. I hope to have him again.


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