Sitting in The Library Writing Away

I love sitting in my dad’s library with all of its books to inspire me while I write next to the grand piano which my stepmom plays each night.

I love to listen to her play while I am in my room, it just gives me a sense of comfort and peace.

She has been playing it for many years and has mastered the instrument. I myself have no clue how to play a piano, I am more of a drum guy. I am sitting under the HVAC vent and doing some writing while the dog sits at my feet and sleeps. There are a bunch of books in this library, ranging from Steven King horrors to Stephen Covey’s motivational books. My dad even has a section for home improvement and some of the books cover HVAC repair and maintenance as my dad was a house builder himself. He built this house over a period of three years, and it was the last house he ever built and the best house he ever built. He put in two large commercial air conditioners to cool down the nearly 6000 square foot house and I think they are going to be due for a tuneup soon as the air doesn’t seem as cold as it was last year. I don’t think the units are that old but time goes by and sometimes you lose track of the years. I’ll give the HVAC company a call and see if they have time to come out next week to take a look at our HVAC system.

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