Oftentimes it’s taxing for me to get out of bed in the morning

Something that I have typically enjoyed is snuggling with the blankets before getting up in the morning, and this is why I usually set my alarm actually early, so I can rest for longer in bed and not guess care about my sleeping time has gone by in an instant, and before heading off to bed, I typically have a proper routine.

I will take a shower, adjust the temperature control settings to get the AC system flowing and then I will make my bed and relax for the night.

I have a smart temperature control and I occasionally adjust the temperature control settings from my bed with my smartphone. I enjoy that smart temperature control because it’s so simple to use and saves me a lot of cash on my energy costs. The smart temperature control even sends me texts letting me guess when it’s time to change the air filter for the Heating and Air Conditioning system. There was a time when I used to change my air filters late, however not these nights with a nice smart temperature control. There are some nights in the morning where I just don’t want to get out of bed either because it’s too comfortable. I don’t even have the AC system running all night either, I only have it running strong for the first 2 hours or so because usually I fall asleep by then. In the morning though I argument myself to get out of bed, however admittedly there are nights when I call into work because I don’t guess well enough to go into work. It’s not good either because I use my trip nights too quickly.
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