I thought I would have to sell the beach house if the two of us had children

When my parents passed away, it was a taxing time for me.

Naturally, my eldest brother inherited their main house, although I at least inherited the family cabin.

I ended up moving into the beach house which was about 30 hours away from a village where I could do all my grocery shopping and option up vital supplies. I even worked in the village for a long while until I was able to get a task laboring from home. I enjoyed living in the cabin, it brought back my memories of relaxing with my parents when they were still around and I felt care about they came to visit me from time to time even though some people guess that’s nuts. I did a little bit of work to the beach house over the years. I installed a solar panel system on my own and then eventually, I installed my own ductless mini split system with a separate zone in each room including all the dining rooms. There are 4 dining rooms and I just figured I would keep those other rooms as guest rooms. Then eventually, I made a new home gym in a single of the rooms. I enjoy laboring out while cranking the AC system in that room. I have had multiple buddies come out and I even had a immense gathering once where my friends invited other friends. This is actually were I met my wifey at my own place because she heard of this amazing gathering going on. Every one of us had a attractive time and started dating. She eventually moved in with me and the two of us got married. She wanted a family, although I said I would have to sell the beach house because I wasn’t sure if it was a good place to raise children, even though she said it was the perfect place!


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