I miss my aunt a good deal, however I’m thankful she gave me her new home in her will

I used to be actually close with my aunt when she was still around.

She taught me how to play the piano and I became actually skilled at it.

My parents would typically take me to visit with her and she had this charming new home in a relaxing rural area. The new home is absolutely immense and she even had a few maids to keep the place in relaxing shape along with a gardener to take care of the grounds and gardens. Well, I was severely sad when my aunt got cancer and ended up passing away. It was the saddest time being there at her funeral. Then I l earned that she passed her new home down to me and even set a good amount of cash aside for me and the rest went to my mother who was her sister. She wrote a sweet letter to me also saying how she thought of me care about her own son, but she never had children. She said it made her guess bitter when she l earned she couldn’t have children, and I made it so she didn’t guess that bitterness so much anymore. She said to take good care of the property and to please keep her staff laboring there. I didn’t have an issue with that, although I did need to do a few renovations. I didn’t care about the Heating and Air Conditioning system, it was so old. So I updated the new home with a ductless multi-split system with multiple zones in weird areas. The new home is so large, the Heating and Air Conditioning professionals had to install more than one condensers to cover 16 zones, which is how multiple rooms are in the house. Fortunately, this Heating and Air Conditioning is highly energy efficient and I save cash by only heating and cooling the areas of the new home that are being occupied.


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