I don’t respectfully care about speaking what’s on my mind to my wifey

I usually have a taxing time speaking about what’s on my mind.

I stress about things and I guess care about if I talk about those things, I only will guess more stress, and like the Heating and Air Conditioning system for example, the two of us haven’t had the cash to update the Heating and Air Conditioning system yet and the two of us keep having to cover the cost for these expensive repairs whenever the Heating and Air Conditioning breaks down.

Of course, the two of us make room in the budget to get proper tune-ups and maintenance, however it’s only becoming more overpriced as the system becomes older. The system is actually going on 14 years now and I imagine it won’t be much longer before the two of us can’t use this Heating and Air Conditioning system anymore. My wifey typically says I should tell her what’s on my mind, although I guess that if I start talking about the Heating and Air Conditioning the two of us can’t afford to have updated, it’s only going to start an argument between us. She’ll ask me why I’m not laboring more overtime hours to be able to afford something care about that. Or she’ll tell me to quit going to the bar to go drinking with my buddies. I guess things care about that are necessary because you have to be able to let loose occasionally to help relieve the stress you are feeling from life. I actually would work more overtime hours, however just being at work and busting my butt is already stressful enough so it would be taxing to stay there for much longer than I have to. I don’t guess what the solution is, maybe I should just go looking for a better paying job.



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