Worth paying a gym fee for AC and equipment

I tried working out at home and it was just too difficult.

I need a lot of equipment in order to have a good workout. I like starting with the elliptical for around 15 minutes. Then I found a stationary bike for another 15 minutes. I then do stretching, crunches, push ups and squats in the yoga section for almost 30 minutes. I conclude my work out with a 15 minute weightlifting portion and then I shower. When I was at home I didn’t have anything but a few free weights and folding mats. I tended to cut my work out early, skip through a lot of important muscles and stand around wasting time a lot. The gym makes me more efficient. I also like getting out of the house, seeing other people and being active. The gym also has a great air conditioning system. I really lacked that with my home gym. I tried using my outdoor shed since it was quite large. Not having AC in the summertime was rough. I had to work out quite early to make it even possible. I still was a sweaty mess and prone to cramping. I then moved to working out indoors and I didn’t like it. My husband would be on a work call and I felt like I couldn’t blast music while I crunch. It was annoying to both of us. The gym gets me out of his hair, having a great work out with ideal indoor air temperature. I don’t have to pay for the equipment, water, AC or anything else. The gym membership is a small fee for what I get.

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