The college was always cold

My area is freezing cold just about all the time.

I remember my final semester of college.

I wore a winter coat, snow boots and scarf the whole time. The semester starts after Christmas and goes until mid May. I was wearing snow boots in May, that is right. The college isn’t really great about providing any good heating either. Most of the classrooms were freezing cold which meant I had to keep my thick wool coat on all day. It got heavy and bulky after a while. Somedays I even wore a sweatshirt underneath the wool for added protection. One place that had pretty reliable heating was the library. It usually had a decent amount of heating going and there were lots of windows. I think the natural sunlight coming through the windows created a nice heating effect. In the summertime it was brutally hot there, but since it is mainly cold in my area, it didn’t affect me that much. Anytime I had a few minutes or even an hour to spare I would go to the library. I had a table right by a window and underneath a heating vent that I liked. I would peel off all my winter layers and be able to be a smaller, lighter size. It was almost like being in the Army and carrying a heavy pack around my shoulders all the time. It was so nice to finally graduate and not worry about wearing the proper clothing for eight hours a day in a classroom.


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