“I Don’t Know Any Single People Who Are Happy”

This was a quote from my angry step dad after he was telling me how married people are happier.

  • I’m single, and I thought that I was generally happy, but he knows me so I must not be happy.

He is one of the least happy people I know and I wanted to ask him if he was happy but it would’ve turned into a big blowout so I just listened to him. Are you single? Are you happy? I know a lot of married people who aren’t very happy either so it goes both ways. People are people. My HVAC repairman has been married for thirty years and has kids and is very unhappy. And a lot of my single friends are pretty happy themselves, so I don’t think my stepdad has any idea what he is talking about. I’m going to take my happy self to the local business today and buy a yoga mat and then go watch a sunset with my other happy single local contractor friend Johnny. My stepdad is a knucklehead, an unhappy knucklehead. He worked his whole life as an attorney and has no idea how to even change the HEPA filter in his HVAC unit. All he did was go to court for 35 years and argue and fight with people, no wonder he isn’t happy! Sorry if I am going on about this but it really made me think about happiness and kind of made me feel sad for my poor momma, jeez. I’ll go there this week and change the HEPA filter for her.



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