A Stye in The Eye is No Fun for this Guy

I guess I got some paint or dirt in my right eye and now it is infected and swollen. It isn’t a nice feeling and I need to find out how to get rid of it. Next time I will wear some safety glasses when scraping paint overhead. That wasn’t too smart to do it without glasses but I wasn’t even thinking about getting a stye. I just don’t want it getting worse or I could end up in the doctor’s office. I need to try a warm compress and see if that works. I’ll go to the local business which sells eye medication and ask them. I was going to work on the air purification system in our house today but should probably wait till this infection clears up or the dust could make it worse. I’m sure that air duct cleaning and cleaning the air purifier filters are not good for an infected eye. I’m sure they have antibiotic drops I could buy at the local business and it probably would get rid of the stye in a couple of days. I did some duct cleaning last week but I don’t think that caused the stye as it just appeared recently since I’ve been scraping the old paint on the outside of the house. My friend is a cooling expert and I’ve seen him with a couple of styes so maybe I can ask him how he got rid of his. Once it clears up I will buy a pair of safety glasses and get this painting work going again.

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