Trying to reduce energy bills

Energy costs have a immense impact on our household budget.

I’ve done the calculations as well as figured out that heating as well as cooling adds up to approximately 50% of the energy we consume.

The Winter weather in our local part often lasts for several months. The conditions are horribly cold, with hot as well as cold temperatures sometimes dropping down to downside twenty degrees. The two of us rely heavily on the gas furnace. It runs just about non stop at maximum capacity. Although our summers don’t last for more than a few months, the temperature can get into the mid eighties with excessive humidity. The two of us need the a/c to cool down the house, prevent mold growth, filter out contaminants as well as prevent condensation. I am careful about the temperature setting on the control unit. I know that raising or lowering temperature by a few degrees has a huge impact on our monthly energy bills. I keep up with air filter swings for the gas furnace as well as a/c as well as schedule professional maintenance every year. A certified professional provides a thorough inspection, testing, cleaning as well as adjustment for the cooling plan in the Springtime as well as the heating plan in the fall. By keeping all components operating at their best, the machine runs at peak capacity as well as efficiency. It is less likely to malfunction, provides better comfort as well as air quality as well as should last longer. Plus, professional maintenance fulfills the requirements of the manufacturer’s warranty coverage. To minimize the occasion of drafts, air leaks as well as energy waste, I walk around the home at the end of every summer. I look for any spots that might require weatherstripping or caulking. I check the insulation in the attic for signs of rodent infestation. My hope is to reduce costs.


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