It wasn’t fair that I couldn’t adjust the temperature control settings

I truly don’t like to say it, however I have essentially always considered my relationship with my bestie and I to be extremely delicate.

I did not realize it at the time even though she was totally controlling.

One of the things she did that I was not fond of was that she was the master of the temperature control! Nobody could ever manage the temperature control. She didn’t care how hot, how cold, or how annoyed you were either. She had to have her temperature preferences and hers alone. It got so out of control that she even installed a cage around the temperature control unit. This cage had a huge metal lock on it that only she had the key and passcode for. It was pretty insane.. She would have to have the temperatures hot. I theorize now this is because she likely came from hell. She would regularly keep the temperatures at 95… You can probably imagine what our heating and A/C bills were costing us. I tried to remedy the situation by suggesting that both of us could go and get a zone control Heating as well as A/C machine. This will allow us to adjust the temperatures in all of the rooms individually and that way both of us could be happy. She got miserable that I even recommended such a thing and simply told me that if I could not handle her temperatures I could not even be with her, and that I didn’t deserve her. None of my buddies were fans of her, and were saying I needed to get away from her in the worst way. One afternoon I got sick of her deranged behavior and I took an electric screwdriver and unscrewed the cage that was affixed to the temperature control. Then I put it down to a very chilly air temperature and I got to actually feel the chilly air from the air conditioner for the first time coming out of the air vents and cool my burning skin, hell had frozen over. I left the A/C machine on like that and then I left that residence for good. I haven’t spoken to her since and I likely never will.


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