We were just driving around, didn’t expect to buy a gun and a crossbow

This past weekend, my wife and I were just driving around town checking out different places.

We didn’t really have any other plans than going for a drive.

We actually stopped at the museum earlier in the day and had a pretty good time there. Then we were driving around again and suddenly our cooling system quit working. It was a pretty hot day and we had to roll down the windows to work as a makeshift cooling system. My wife said we had to stop somewhere and soak up the air conditioning for awhile. I ended up stopping at this parking lot where there was a gun shop. I asked my wife if she wanted to go in and she said “Of course I do!” She mainly just wanted to enjoy their cooling system but it couldn’t hurt looking at what they had to offer at the gun shop. She was mostly attracted to the crossbows which honestly were very cool. There were even ones that came with a crank to make it easier to load the arrows. Of course I had to check out the rifles and the handguns. We looked at everything together of course and the worker even let me hold all the guns to get a good feel for them. I felt like I could stay at this place forever considering how great the A/C felt. I also loved it when I was able to hold a semi automatic rifle which was awesome. I wasn’t really planning on buying anything but one of the handguns looked like it belonged in my home, at least to protect us from burglars. As my wife was trying to find an auto place to fix the cooling system, I was buying a handgun! I also bought her the crossbow that she liked the most.


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