The local thrift shop had some portable space heaters on sale

They were functioning, so she bought 2 of them.

Fiona was driving to her house from work the other afternoon when she passed a local thrift shop. At this local thrift shop she saw that in the front window they were displaying several portable space heaters. Fiona stopped right away, parked and walked in to check them out. She’d been wanting to get a portable space heater for her basement, but Fiona did not want to or see the need to pay full price. It was not an emergency or something similar, so when she saw the space heaters in the thrift shop window Fiona thought this may be the option she was looking for to get the heating unit cheap. Fiona was entirely right on that assumption. The portable heating units were going for 8 bucks a piece. They were barely used, making them as great as new. The reason they were cheap was because they were used a few times, and did not have the box anymore. In addition, they were also slightly older portable space heaters. It didn’t matter to Fiona. They were functioning, so she bought 2 of them. When Fiona got to her house and tried them in the basement the units were the perfect fit for exactly what she was looking for. She legitimately lucked out driving by the thrift shop and seeing the portable space heaters in the window. If she had not been driving to her house that way, Fiona would have not known and missed out on such an awesome deal. She’ll make sure to check out that thrift shop from time to time for more in the future.


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