My wife warned me about the HVAC tune-up, but I still made a stupid mistake

I thought I was making a smart decision by passing on the HVAC tune-up when we were heading into the summer season.

We were so behind on bills and it was hard just to cover the car payments and the mortgage.

I was desperately finding things in our budget that we could cut for now and get back on at a later time. My wife was telling me it was a terrible idea to skip out on the HVAC maintenance. She even said, “What if our cooling system breaks down in the summer?” I didn’t think it would happen and I was willing to bet our comfort on it. Well, the cooling system lasted a good while, but towards the end of the summer season, it broke down on us. We weren’t able to afford to have it fixed so we just stopped using it even though it was really hot most of the time. It was such a relief when the hot temperatures started to die down and we were finally able to open the windows for a little bit of cooling relief. My wife never rubbed my face in it with the fact that she was right, but I still felt stupid for making the choice that I made. We wouldn’t have had to suffer so much through the last bit of the summer season if we had only gotten that regular HVAC tune-up. When we started going over our budget again looking for other things to cut, she told me that I better not even think about skipping the gas furnace tune-up. I smiled and said there was no way I was going to risk freezing in the winter season.
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