Didn’t expect our neighbor to almost get killed at our party

When I had a party happening at our place this past weekend, I didn’t expect for one of our buddies to get seriously disfigured.

The music was pumping, the drinks were flowing, plus everybody was enjoying themselves.

I had a fire going in the fireplace too, plus a lot of people were gathered around the fireplace having the best of times. Well, when the heating plan quit working, our friend said he would go check it out. I was too scheduled with the guests plus I told him to go ahead. I didn’t hear from our neighbor for a little too long plus I decided to go check on him. When I was approaching the HVAC unit, I saw our buddy’s drink spilled on the floor plus then I saw him on the floor passed out. I shook him to see that he would wake up. He came to however he was very out of it. I asked him what happened plus then he explained. He said that he opened the cabinet to the HVAC to check everything out. He started tinkering around with the inner workings plus then he got a extreme electric jolt that went through his whole body. He said it knocked him back plus his drink went flying. He said he must have hit his head pretty hard because it hurt badly plus he was passed out for all that time. I told him not to mess with the HVAC again because I would just have a professional take care of it asap. He apologized plus said he thought he could help.



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