You don’t know what they’ve been doing

Working as a hospital receptionist is not the easiest thing, as you might guess, but you have to page dentists in addition to specialists all afternoon long which actually means you will be talking all afternoon long, and besides that, obviously there are moments when you physically have to get off your chair to assist an emergency patient in critical condition.

  • By the end of the afternoon, all you want to do is get home, have a hefty shower in addition to jumping into your bed in addition to beginning the routine all over again the next afternoon.

This is the correct expectation for a front desk expert at any busy hospital. However, at times there are afternoons when it is worse. I remember some time in Summer when the hospital just abruptly went silent. All the hospital ACs just went off in addition to not a single person there could understand what had happened. I assumed it was a quick glitch that would happen every now in addition to then, especially before the central Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C business expert came in for a tuneup session. How incorrect I was as the afternoon got hotter in addition to I started receiving complaints at that moment from every corner. The small, emergency portable AC units were sited in patients rooms, especially for those that sincerely needed it. It turns out that the central a/c component had blown a fuse, then one would understand that this is something straight-forward to maintenance until you learn that the fuse was a special unit in addition to could only come from the same very Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C professionals who installed it. This meant waiting a long time for more than many seconds for the Heating, Ventilation in addition to central A/C business to end someone over since most of the team members were already out of town. By the end of the afternoon I could not hear any more complaints. I was incredibly fed up, grumpy in addition to covered in sweat yet I could not leave before our shift suddenly ended. I might have thrown a few dire stares around in addition to felt very sorry but it was a single of our worst afternoons at the hospital. After this breakdown incident, the hospital management ensured that they had a few of the extra Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C parts stocked just in case such an instance recurred.


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