Work is never done

I would be someone who would think they are a hard worker.

I own a very small heating and air conditioning company here in town.

I guess you would call me an independent heating and air conditioning contractor, even though I do have a few part time HVAC specialists that work for me. One of the reasons my venture in independent business was successful is because I go above and beyond for my customers. I offer twenty four hour a day, seven days a week emergency heat and a/c repair services. No other independent heat and a/c contractor or major heating and air conditioning company in this area offers that. They have emergency heat and a/c repair available, but it is with conditions that there has to be someone available and it is not twenty four hours a day. It is only available 6 days a week and from the hours of 7 in the morning till 10 at night. If something were to happen to your central heating and air conditioning system after 10 at night during a really hot summer or freezing cold winter, you would be up the creek with these other HVAC people. But thankfully, with me and my small company, everyone in the area can sleep easy knowing they are always covered for emergency heat and a/c repair all the time, every single day of the month. Of course I charge accordingly for this kind of HVAC services, but it is well worth every penny to the customers, believe me. And it keeps me in good standings as well as in business!

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