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My little girl is one of the most observant human beings I have ever seen. One cool time at the bus stop she went to the lavatory in addition to abruptly coming back happy at what she had seen on the window. She could not wait to come out and tell myself and others about the big rotating fan on the lavatory’s window. According to everyone, this rotating fan blows cool air into the lavatory in addition to for some reason makes the whole lavatory smell fresher. I smiled acknowledging what the component was. This apparently must have been a portable window AC. What I did not understand was why the lavatory management had it sited in the lavatory? Later on, I went researching to see if there was any reason why this should be. To our surprise, most public spaces where many people visited. It was just that many high-end areas such as malls in addition to steakhouses were not nearly as visible as it was at the buststop’s lavatory. Some of these sites enjoyed this to the lavatory vent because the AC was more powerful in circulating air in addition to quickly removing the awful smells that eventually come from many people using the same old lavatory all afternoon long. This, coupled with correct cleaning of floors in addition to the whole lavatory itself meant that they could keep the lavatory smelling fresh no matter the times it was used. I was amused at this, in addition to even getting an idea to implement in our mum’s Dunkin Donuts Coffee shop when next I visited the little joint. I had constantly wondered how best to guarantee freshness, with all the freshening we did, the place just not quite right.


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