I suffered from severe allergies due to poor indoor air quality

As a person prone to allergies brought on by springtime bloom, I loved the winter months.

While everyone complained about the cold weather, I was happy to breathe easier. However, spring was another matter as soon as I stepped outside. The main culprit for this was pollen, and I always felt better due to the aircon system in the house. However, last winter was a whole other case. We had been busy at the store, and a few things slipped my mind. One I put off holiday shopping until the last days. Second, I forgot to call the AC repair and maintenance company to my house. That was a massive issue because I never noticed my poor indoor air quality until too late. I woke up with a severe headache, itchy eyes, and a runny nose. Also, I was gasping and coughing, which was what happened in spring. My brother rushed me to the hospital after I gave him a call and phoned the HVAC business near my home. An HVAC technician came to the house and checked out a few things. First, he began with the HVAC system, which he noted had dirty air filters. Additionally, there were signs of mold, which would affect the indoor air quality. Next, he inspected the ductwork and found the primary issue with my house. The entire duct system had mold and mildew. This was being blown through the HVAC unit into the house, spreading spores everywhere. I had all the allergy symptoms because the dirty AC system sent spores of mildew and mold all over the house. The only solution here was to engage in thorough duct cleaning and also change the air filters. This would cost me more money, but it was the best option to protect my health.

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