Dad didn’t mind cranking up the AC for Hannah and her friends

My sister Hannah has run track since she joined school a while back.

  • Even after joining high, she never stopped running; she is part of the high school team, she’s on a travel team, and even endures the track in the middle of summer.

We all live in an area where it’s hot year-round, so summers are so hot here; You can’t waltz from the front door of your home to your vehicle without being covered in sweat! A summer ago, track season was identifiably worse, with a single weekend tournament that will never be forgotten by Hannah and her trackmates. The schools organized a three-day tournament during the summer, not forgetting it hadn’t rained in weeks. Our area was also experiencing a heat wave, with heat readings reaching 110 degrees! The track event lasted all morning, for three days. Hannah ran at least three times throughout the morning. Once the first morning of the tournament was done, the track team came home with us to get off their feet and share some snacks. My dad was tickled at the sight of the teens worshipping the AC vent the way these youngsters did that morning! They gathered around the vents, trying their all to get a lick of cool, dry air. The moment the fan would turn off once the house reached the temperature set on the thermostat, they would mumble and request dad to turn it down. Thankfully, we have a pretty efficient cooling system, so dad didn’t mind cranking down the temperature. The high heat didn’t stop for the next multiple days of the tournament. For the two days, the track team came back to our home at the end of every morning to lay at the altar of the cooling unit.

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