Common misconceptions that plague air ducts

I visited a friend of mine that I had not seen for a long time.

Pat and I had literally grown up together and we had remained genuinely superb friends and quite close over the years.

After school, Pat moved to another state for work. Pat did keep in touch however we had not seen each other in a long time… Pat had made a delicious meal and we ate as we bantered about everything. Pat complained about her Heating & A/C machine and how it was giving her concerns, then the air quality kept fluctuating, it would be superb 1 hour and the following, we literally felt like the air was musky and thick as we breathed in, however i suggested that Pat should contact her cooling specialist to have a look at the cooling system, however another of my friends had a similar issue sometime back, and she later found that the air duct was filthy, it just needed a rather superb clean-up, then when the serviceman visited the following day, he assessed the Heating & A/C method and ducts and determined that the oil furnace filter was dirty, it had not been cleaned for over 2 years, the air ducts were also filthy. There were even pests nestled in there, then no wonder the air was thick and musky. The servicemans began the duct cleaning process which took 1 entire day as he had to clean the entire residential Heating & A/C. My friend had the washable filters, however the serviceman had recommended she get a disposable 1 and especially the HEPA filters, and for air purification help, the expert advises that my friend has her filters cleaned at least after every several months. She could get the filters from the local commercial Heating & A/C provider with a few extra air filters, she could even change the filters herself.


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