The radio ad convinced me to call the HVAC company

Every morning when I go to work, I have a long drive and I often end up sitting in traffic for half an hour. There is no way to avoid the traffic, because everyone travels to the city for work. On my way to the office, I usually listen to the radio. I have a couple of stations that are my favorites. I prefer rock and roll, rap, and hip-hop. I never listen to country music. My favorite radio station played the same advertisement every morning after the news traffic and weather for a week. The radio advertisement was from an HVAC company. The catchy jingle got stuck in my head. The HVAC company has been advertising a service tune up special of $69. Last year before the winter season began, I had a service tune up performed on the furnace. I think my wife and I paid $99 and it might have even been more than $100 with taxes. I heard the radio advertisement from the HVAC company so many times that I decided to write down the number so I could give them a call. I would have probably called the same company from the previous year, but the radio ad convinced me to call this particular HVAC company. They did perform the service tune up for $69 and the service was quite thorough and complete. They checked all of the furnace components and they even checked the condition of our ductwork. The technician was friendly and knowledgeable and happy to answer every single question that I asked.



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