I thought he was going to leave me, but not for another woman.

My husband was spending so much time at the local home store, that I was sure he was spending time with another woman.

I couldn’t believe that he could go to the home store every day and spend up to two hours there.

I know that it was the first home center to be built close to our home, but this was ridiculous. I kept asking if I could go along with him, but he always told me I was needed at home. It was almost three weeks later that I got a phone call. The woman was asking for my husband. I told her my husband was not at home, but she insisted. After telling her I was his wife, and I was capable of taking a message, she simply said that she would call back and hung up. When my husband walked in the door, I was so mad that I verbally attacked him. I wanted to know who the woman was and why he was never home. He smiled, which made me angrier, and told me to relax and he would explain. He had been looking for a new HVAC system for our home. I had been asking for new air conditioning since ours didn’t work very well. He wanted to surprise me for my birthday, but it was only two days away, so he felt it was time. The woman was from the HVAC company, calling to tell him that the HVAC system was ready to be delivered and installed. I felt bad for my anger, but I still slapped him for making me worry, and then I cried.

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