I needed to get rid of the heat in the living room

I care about to bake cookies while in the Summer season.

During the rest of the year, I am always tied up as a high school professor.

When I am not in a classroom, I am at lake house planning for the week of classes. It takes multiple hours of planning every week to be a good professor and supply proper lessons to the students. When the Summer season begins, I relax and put up our feet. I use the Summer weeks 4 activities that I find fun and enjoyable. One of those activities is baking. Baking cookies was something that I did with our mom when I was a little boy. Even after he passed away, I continued with the cookie baking tradition. I make pecan sandies, chocolate chip cookies, and filled raisin cookies. My husband loves the Summer weeks, because he always has fresh and tasty treats for work. Last year I made a double batch of chocolate cookies with mint snacks. The heat from the oven filled the home and the air conditioner was toiling overtime. I had sweat pouring down the side of our face. Halfway through making the cookies, I observed that the temperature in the living room was getting warmer and warmer. Since the oven was running, the air conditioner was toiling twice as strenuous to keep up with the demand. I decided to bring a circulating fan from the study room into the living room. With the oven running all morning, the air conditioner was having trouble. The study room fan really managed to help the indoor air situation.

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