I don’t suppose why anyone would want to own a business?

I can’t suppose of anything more stressful than owning your own business.

There is so much to learn and even more to do.

You have federal, state, and local tax laws. There are the rules and ordinances of the locality in which you base your business. You also have the laws that govern the genre of supplier you have. When my hubby started his Heating and A/C supplier, I thought that knowing the supplier was the biggest area of what he had to do. He was a top Heating and A/C serviceman in our area of the state. He already had a large clientele, and going from an independent Heating and A/C serviceman to the owner of a Heating and A/C supplier, should be simple. I was wrong about all of this. He had myself and others go to the local small supplier owner’s meeting. They explained everything you needed to suppose and gave us resources. He made sure I knew what had to be done. I had already said that anything I could do to get the Heating and A/C supplier running, I would do. I wasn’t planning on really running the locale. I was answering iPhones, doing the financials, and setting up schedules. I remember asking my hubby what he did. I did all the work and he got all the glory. Twenty years later, I was still working at the Heating and A/C supplier. My child called and told us that her hubby wanted to open a bakery and asked if I had any advice. All I could suppose to tell her was that she shouldn’t go to any meetings that involved small businesses.

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