I could not believe this

I was just introduced to the most awesome form of heating and air conditioning technology I think I have ever come across in my life.

A friend of mine who has money just invested in what is called smart air vents for their central heat and a/c unit! These air vents are just what they sound like.

They adjust themselves to get the proper air flow going through the house. They are constantly changing and flipping themselves around so that you have perfectly even temperatures. It is almost like having heating and air conditioning zone control but without the zoned HVAC system! It really is a trip. These smart air vents for my friend’s central heating and air conditioning system unit cost him thousands of dollars. Almost the price of a brand new standard central heating and air conditioning unit. It is great he can afford to spend that kind of money on this new type of HVAC technology. If I could afford it someday, I am going to get myself some of these amazing smart air vents as well. For me it is a dream at the moment since I can not afford them. But I may someday if I either save up or get a promotion or raise at my job. But to make me feel better, my friend joked and said I could come over to his place anytime to see and enjoy his smart air vents as well as his top quality central heating and air conditioning system unit!



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