After we bought the new house, I wanted to make some changes to the flooring

My wife and I bought a new house a couple of months ago, and we decided to make some changes before we move to the property.

We’re in no hurry, because we are currently staying in our RV at a campground.

We’re only 10 miles away from the new property and it is a fast and simple drive. While we have the time to make the changes, we are taking advantage of an empty house. I really wanted to make some changes to the flooring. I always dreamed of having heated flooring and this was my opportunity to make that dream come true. My wife and I planned to get rid of the flooring in the entire house. The hardwood was falling apart and it would have cost a fortune to restore it. When we decided to get rid of the hardwood, I spoke with an HVAC contractor about radiant heated flooring. The contractor gave me an estimate for the work and he also added the price for the flooring. The entire radiant heated flooring job was a significant amount of money, but we decided to have the work completed. Even the bathrooms have heated flooring. All of the flooring is hooked up to one central boiler that handles heat and hot water. Now that the flooring project has been completed, we can start working on a few other areas that need to be remodeled before we finally move. The kitchen needs brand new appliances and countertops, and I really want to replace the mantle over the fireplace. These small things will make a huge difference when the house is finally done.


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