Mid summer heat doesn’t faze our HVAC cooling savings

Anyone living with residential HVAC can save money around here during the summer heat.

So many people just automatically assume that they will have to pay huge HVAC cooling bills during the summer.

This is a fallacy. Do the utility bills rise during the summer? Yes, but how much depends entirely on how committed a person is to saving on HVAC cooling. It only makes sense that if the HVAC cooling is running more, there will be a higher utility cost. But we can do some pretty simple things to deeply effect just how much we pay in cooling costs. As a local, I watch people come to the area and end up not liking it because they focus so much on the summer heat. And to make it worse, they go from one source of air conditioning to the next. It’s like the main thing is to avoid any sort of exposure to nature. This is the wrong well to go about it and a sure fire way to drain your bank account with HVAC cooling costs. The trick is to acclimate to the heat in the spring. Let the house get a bit warmer over the spring months. So by the time summer rolls around, an 80 degree home during the afternoon hours feels pretty dang cool. Also, I tend to employ fans which cost less than a tenth what it costs to run HVAC equipment. The facts of the matter are that the HVAC thermostat setting is the key to real savings during the heat of summer. Getting a bit more accustomed to heat will help you save tons of money in the summer.
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