Everybody thinks I’m an HVAC professional now

When my husband was away overseas on his last tour of duty, he told me to have a new HVAC system installed in the house.

He told me to go through different HVAC companies to see about finding the best price. The old HVAC system was basically useless, and I was worried about the approaching summer coming up. Our summers always get brutally hot and I didn’t know what I was going to do. Of course even before my husband sent over the money to have a new HVAC installed, I had already looked at different HVAC systems we could go for. I actually liked the ductless mini splits the best because they have multiple zones with customized heating and cooling. I even looked into the DIY ductless mini splits and I watched installation videos. I thought it looked so easy. After I got different estimates from the professionals, I realized that I could save a small fortune by just installing a DIY ductless mini split on my own. So I purchased a triple zone ductless mini split and then got to work when it arrived. It was a little bit challenging when I first started, but then I got a good rhythm with the work. I was even able to do the electrical work without too much difficulty. When my husband got back home, he said whoever installed the HVAC did a great job. When I told him that I actually installed it and saved us a small fortune, he was in shock and disbelief. Now he brags to his buddies saying that his wife is an HVAC professional.


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