Better health comes with good indoor air quality

Do you think we have all considered our health anymore than we have in the past year? That seems improbable to me.

I know that I was thinking about my health nearly constantly as the pandemic ripped through the country.

Perhaps those of us who aren’t in the best shape paid a bit more attention to what was going on with the virus. I know that my health forced me inside the air conditioning of my house for much of the year. But I did do something with all that time when I wasn’t working. I decided to get in better condition to help my immune response as well as improve my overall health. This was not the easiest of efforts as I’m not all that inclined toward diet and exercise. But I started out by getting out of the HVAC cooling for a daily walk. About a month later, I added another walk so I was out of the HVAC during the morning and again in the evening. I changed my diet and even bought some exercise equipment. This has resulted in some significant change for the better. But I may have made the most impact by improving the indoor air quality inside my house. I had the HVAC company install a whole home air purification system to the HVAC equipment. It works by meeting the air coming from the HVAC return with powerful UV light. That light simply obliterates any airborne contaminants. The resulting air is noticeably cleaner and easier to breathe. What I wasn’t prepared for was how the air in my house smelled so incredibly good.


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