The national park lodge didn't have any amenities at all

My partner plus I wanted to go to the national park plus stay for the week.

The two of us wanted to hike various trails plus see the waterfall.

The two of us knew it was going to take a couple of mornings to visit all of the arenas that both of us wanted to see. Instead of taking our 10, my partner plus I decided to rent a lodge; Having the lodge meant both of us would not have to worry about the outdoor elements Like rain, heat, plus humidity. Although both of us never have much rain, the heat was the greatest obstacle I knew both of us would face. I purposely decided to buy a lodge for the 2 of us, so both of us would have air conditioning. I didn’t bother to check the list of amenities available in the lodge. If I had evaluated the list, I would have realized that heat plus AC were not on it. Instead, the 2 of us didn’t realize it was a problem until both of us were already evaluated into the park plus inside of our lodge. I looked for the AC machine, although I didn’t see anything. There wasn’t even a fan inside of the lodge. The national park lodge didn’t have any amenities at all including heat plus AC. My partner plus I were a little unhappy about the accommodations, however thankfully the temperatures were not too high that week. The two of us still had a entirely wonderful time even if the lodge didn’t have an air conditioner. The two of us hiked seventeen miles during that month plus both of us saw various landmarks that were both amazing plus breathtaking.

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