Running in all different weather conditions

I have invested in a ton of gear so that I can run in almost any severity of weather.

I’ve purchased specially designed clothing that wicks away moisture.

This fabric allows for working out in heat and humidity. I’ve bought jackets and pants that are thin and lightweight but are somehow especially warm. The clothing is specifically created to maximize freedom of movement and eliminate chafing. My sneakers are specifically for running. I have 2 pairs of the same sneaker and I alternate between them. I give the shoe time to dry out and reshape between training sessions. I buy a new pair every six months so that I am never wearing a sneaker that is over a year old. Because I like to run for long distances, I wear a piece of equipment called a camel pack. It allows me to carry water with me and take a drink without breaking my stride. I wear wireless headphones that avoid the problem of restrictive cords and allow me to listen to music. I change up my runs between short routes that focus on speed and longer routes that focus on distance and endurance. I sometimes take paths that are more challenging due to steep inclines. Others are level and more scenic. While I’ve run in snow, wind and just about every imaginable weather condition, I probably enjoy running in light rain the best. I outfit myself in moisture-resistant clothing so that I don’t get saturated. However, the rain keeps me cool. I get motivated by the feel and smell of the rain. It’s refreshing and energizing. However, I’ve found that a light rain can quickly increase into a downpour. That isn’t as fun. I’ve already had the rain dry up and the temperature heats up. The conditions suddenly become seriously hot and sticky, and I’m then dressed wrong. I end up drenched in sweat.
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