My apartment complex includes a gym

I just walk down the hall.

After I graduated, it took me a few years to pull myself out of debt. I had a scary amount of student loans to take care off. When I first got my job, it didn’t pay much. I moved into the only apartment I was able to afford. It was a tiny, outdated space with dripping faucets, no air conditioning and a door that didn’t lock properly. Once I started making some more money, I began searching for nicer accommodations. I eventually moved into a large apartment complex that includes every type of modern convenience and luxury. I suddenly had access to a huge outdoor swimming pool, two hot tubs, barbecue grills, sun loungers and an impressive patio area. Inside the apartment, there is a washer and dryer, 2 full bathrooms, a fairly good sized kitchen with stainless steel appliances and even a private balcony. Inside the building, I can use the game room, conference room and fitness center. The fitness center is definitely the best feature. I have no need to pay gym membership fees. I don’t have to drive to a gym. The fitness center in the apartment complex is rarely in use. I basically have my own private gym, outfitted with state-of-the-art machines and equipment. There are four treadmills, three ellipticals, six stationary bikes and a stairmaster. I can use all different sizes of free weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and there’s even battle ropes. I am able to workout at any time of day or night. I just walk down the hall. I am able to workout for as long I want and have plenty of space for my warmup and stretching. When I first rented the apartment, I was only expecting to live there for a year or 2. I’ve now stayed for six years, and I am in no hurry to move out.



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