HVAC installation went smoother than I expected

When our friends and I wanted to party the two of us wouldn’t just celebrate, the two of us would celebrate hard.This wasn’t normally too much of an issue as long as we cleaned up the mess we had made! But last weekend it became a problem when things started getting broken.

I was in school and we were on springtime break and so some friends and I decided to celebrate, all was going well until in a drunken stupor some guys decided to see who could throw chairs the furthest.

The winner would win a oh so sparse one dollar bill and in their heads this all made perfect sense. So the chair throwing began and one by one wooden chairs were thrown against the wall. The middle guy won when he threw a chair from behind the sofa directly into the wall. But the wall was not the only victim that night, my heating and air conditioning plan was hit by a missed chair, now I have to explain to our landlord why there is a hole in the wall and how my heating and cooling system idea got smashed. Thankfully when my friends came to their senses they paid to have a modern heating and air conditioner idea installed although I was still stuck overseeing the repair and getting a heating and cooling system professional out here to complete the heating and air conditioning replacement. I was thankful when the process went much smoother than I had expected. The repair guy turned out to be an absolutely cool dude and he had the modern heating and A/C installed. Now to just take care of the hole in the wall.


Electric heat pump

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