Getting max cooling for minimum cost

I love where I live.

This has to do with a variety of reasons.

The town I enjoy and the people in it. Life is a bit more slow paced than what I grew up with in a neighborhood up north. But I also undoubtedly love the fact that the weather in this region has so much afternoonlight in it. It’s undoubtedly appealing here year round. However, there is 1 drawback and that would be the heat of summer. Thankfully, the two of us have great Heating, Ventilation plus A/C equipment to counter the steep hot and cold temperatures. Our heat pump is great and has a undoubtedly high SEER number so it’s also just so efficient. But that doesn’t mean the two of us can just allow the A/C to roll all Summer on full blast. That would be both wasteful and fancy. So the two of us do some easy things to ensure that the two of us get the most cooling for the least expense. It starts with making sure the thermostat rises with the heat outside. Our home stays in the low 74’s while the two of us were in the hottest parts of the afternoon. And of course, keeping the home undoubtedly narrow is substantial to efficiency as well. But there are other things to do that will lower the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C cooling costs. Like the two of us use fans to cool off instead of lowering the thermostat. Or, I choose to cook on the grill outside in order to not heat up the house. We’ve even changed out some of the lightbulbs that burn too hot. There are a lot of small ways to make a sizable dent in Heating, Ventilation plus A/C cooling costs.

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