She called herself Honest Lester.

I should have known that I was dealing with a less than honorable Air Conditioning specialist. I feel that deep down I knew that she wasn’t an Air Conditioning specialist, let alone being an honorable 1. I just saw the price tag of the current Heating in addition to Air Conditioning system, so would have purchased anything she said. My entire demeanor must have shouted ‘desperation’ to her. As our dad always said, ‘She saw myself and others coming from a mile away.’, in addition to dad was right. There was no way that I could afford to purchase a current furnace in addition to cooling system components from the local Heating in addition to Air Conditioning business. Their price tag just for the component was almost triple the cost of the furnace, cooling system unit, current HVAC ductwork, in addition to the complete replacement that Honest Lester provided. I could afford the price Honest Lester asked for the complete Heating in addition to Air Conditioning proposal in addition to the full replacement. My friend was the a single who had suggested this HVAC charlatan to me. I thought I was getting an excellent bargain until the work was being finished. I couldn’t stop them once they brought the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning system. I had already paid her the full amount she had asked. I had signed the paperwork that said all sales were final. Her workers had all the components sitting in the yard, in addition to that, they were unloading some other things when I got home from work that day. I realized that they were a ragtag bunch of gentlemen who knew nothing about Air Conditioning at all. The furnace in addition to cooling system components were both used, in addition to I knew they had taken myself and others in. The only thing that I knew I could do was tell our friend that she had screwed myself and others over in addition to made myself and others feel better for being such a fool.

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