Settling into retirement with help from HVAC

I have never been one to just lay around.

It’s just not in our nature.

Even after a long, tiring day at the office, I still didn’t just come cabin to lay in the a/c. But the older I became, the less energy I had for all of this moving about as well as zinging from one thing to the next. Still, I was a bit afraid of retirement because I wondered if I’d just be bored. Or worse, I was afraid I would get to the point where I just didn’t want to get out as well as do stuff. Now that I have retired, I am finding that there is a legitimately nice balance to be had between action as well as begin still. And the HVAC unit is section of that balance for me. My wife as well as I did all the updates to our old cabin care about the bedroom, HVAC equipment, roof as well as other stuff to sell it. Our current place was further south with more sun as well as better weather. It’s also smaller which didn’t take as much getting accustomed to as I thought it would. But the sizable thing that entirely surprised myself and others was just how much I appreciated the sunroom. This was an add on from the previous owner. However, our wife had the smart plan of having the HVAC supplier come out to install a ductless mini split. This way the sunroom has its heating as well as cooling without the rest of the house. And that ductless mini split entirely works. It has become our custom to lay as well as watch the parakeets in the day as well as again in the evening. I find that there is some value to laying in the a/c now.



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