There were several different air conditioners available.

When I bought the house, all the appliances were brand new.

  • The only thing I didn’t give a second thought to, was the air conditioning.

When they said all of the appliances were brand new, I thought they were also talking about the HVAC system. I was so wrong, that it was almost laughable. I was only in the house for six months when I had to call the HVAC company. I thought it was only going to be a routine service inspection. My service inspection ended up being the beginning of what was going to be a choice of which air conditioning unit I wanted to purchase. I told them that it was supposedly brand new. The HVAC tech told me that if the AC unit was brand new, then it had been neglected and abused. I found out that I needed a heavier air conditioner than the one in the house, which was going to be even more expensive. The HVAC tech started telling me about air purification units that would work with the AC unit. He mentioned needing good air filtration, which meant I also had to choose if I wanted HEPA air filters, or regular air filters. He told me what tonnage I needed and asked if I wanted the best when it comes to SEER. I didn’t know what HEPA and SEER were and I told him to just give me an air conditioning unit that would keep me cool during the summer. I found out that a HEPA air filter was made special to get even the most minute particle from the air. SEER referred to energy efficiency, and this all added up to a very pricey air conditioning unit.

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