The HVAC closet door is too cute

When it is hot, that means it is time for outdoor projects.

During the cold season, I stay indoors.

I work from home, COVID is still a thing and it is cold. I have been spending a lot of time indoors this season. It is really nice since I just moved into a new home and the projects are endless. I have scrapped every ceiling in the house to remove the popcorn. I also painted each room, added a new light, switch plates and HVAC vent covers. Additionally I spruced up the hallway by laying tile floors, adding recessed lighting and revamping the HVAC closet door. The HVAC closet used to have an old bifold. I bought a door that matches my hallways perfectly. Half of it looks like my drywall painted light grey. The other half is white mesh that allows the air the HVAC releases into the hallways. The white mesh blends in with the wood siding in the hallway perfectly. I then bought a big silver knob to be on the HVAC closet door too. I have to say, I am most proud of that door. Anytime someone wants to open the door I cringe though. They are literally opening to the ugliest part of the house. The closet holds my indoor air handler, water heater and old carpet I couldn’t rip up. I didn’t bother to scrap the ceiling in there or paint. Now I’m thinking maybe I should go back in. People love opening that door. I don’t want to be embarrassed by my heating and cooling machine.
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